What is Square Dancing?


This post is intended to give a basic rundown of square dancing.

Square dancing has a long and varied history, and is practiced all over the world. In a square, there are four couples to make up eight dancers.

These dancers have learned a variety of steps and moves. The number of moves they know depends on their knowledge of different square dance levels.

There are four levels of square dancing, which are taught in lessons and regulated by Callerlab, and there are also sub-levels. Here are the four levels:

  1. Mainstream
  2. Plus
  3. Advanced
  4. Challenge

At a dance, there will be a caller (sometimes there are more than one). This caller is trained to know different patterns of moves to move the dancers around the square, which is usually set to music (called a singing call).

These are just the very basics of square dancing. Check out our FAQ page for more info!